Campaign Impact Tracker

DoggieBazaar.com is excited to announce that your purchases now help provide food, sterilizations, clothes, veterinary support and other critical services to shelters across the country! With each purchase of any product on our website, you’ll be providing a specific number of daily meals to shelter dogs as mentioned against each product.

All Products on our website are mapped to one of our listed NGO’s and animal shelters (also known as our ‘Pet Karma Partners’) by our back-end software coders.

A percentage of each sale on DoggieBazaar.com is donated to an NGO and a notification of the same is sent to the NGO and the customer as soon as a transaction is successfully completed


We support freight-paid deliveries to smaller, less visible, non-profit animal shelters and NGO’s that have limited access to resources. They accept food and medical donations from DoggieBazaar as well as some of our vendor partners.

For each product you purchase on DoggieBazaar.com, your purchase will fund the delivery of food for shelter dogs! The following table shows how we at DoggieBazaar.com are committed to our cause of making an impact for the underprivileged voiceless:


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