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Meet our pet karma partners

Doggie Bazaar Pet Karma Partners along with our loyal customers are our strongest link in the value-chain of Spreading Pet Karma. Once our customers decide to purchase a Doggie Bazaar product and contribute to the mission of Spreading Pet Karma, our trusted Pet Karma Partners are committed to upholding our values and helping us make a difference to the lives of the underprivileged voiceless through our contributions towards Karma of Food, Karma of Health, Karma of Safety, Karma of Sterilization, Kitty Karma and the Karma of Rehab. Doggie Bazaar Pet Karma Partners are the ones responsible for making Pet Karma a reality and the biggest reason why we are able to fulfill our promise to you of #SpreadingPetKarma.


Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre

Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre – CARE, was started in January 2013 by a group of animal lovers who felt that with the closing down of one of Bangalore’s biggest animal shelters, the city was experiencing a huge void and was in need of a shelter where stray animals could be hosed, given timely medical aid, rehabilitated and rehomed.

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Youth Organization in Defense of Animals

Youth Organization in Defense of Animals, Mumbai was born out of the minds of 5 visionaries that were newly exposed to the harsh realities of how animals are treated in India.In particular, animal mills, where the female species are bred over and over until death to produce babies for monetary gain. Please look up 'puppy mills' on Google and see exactly what happens in these horrid sites. 99 percent of the commercial breeders in this country are full fledged puppy mills.

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Kannan Animal Welfare

KAW is a animal welfare project of Kannan Foundation started in 2015. Sending you pics of the centre separately. This is KAW’s newly built Centre located in Sector – 151 of Noida. The Centre is built on a 900-sq. yard land and has been divided into two units. The treatment unit has 12 kennels. The kennels are spacious and well ventilated keeping in mind the extreme weather conditions in Delhi-NCR. The treatment unit has a treatment room spacious enough to accommodate 10 movable cages to accommodate making it possible to accommodate a total of 22 sick and injured dogs at any given point and time.

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Friendicoes SECA began with tiny premises 17 sq ft in the heart of Delhi in a shopping complex, a bare shop with a curtain for its fourth wall, with no electricity or water. Within the first week of our starting a clinic cum shelter we had 27 dogs and 12 cats in residence, these being abandoned pets and hit and run animals rescued by us in a beaten down ancient fiat car belonging to the mother of our executive member Mrs.Geeta Seshamani. Undoubtedly we were catering to a deep community need, for people continued to come to us to help the stray animals on the street that did not have a place to be safe in.

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World for All


A Non Profit Organization in Mumbai, WORLD FOR ALL was founded by Ruchi Nadkarni in 2006.

We are happy to say that the organization,with the dedication and constant effort of a lot of people, has successfully cared for and helped a lot of animals in need helping them lead a better life,one that they deserve. All from paralyzed kittens and dogs walking again,and puppies and dogs found in heartbreaking conditions are now all living healthy lives thanks to the dedication and love shared by like minded people here to help these beautiful animals,without whom this would not have been possible

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Compassion Unlimited Plus Action

CUPA provides rescue and relief to thousands of injured, ill and needy street animals in Bangalore, Karnataka. Animals that come hurt, sick or abandoned are given the care and treatment they need to recover and then be re-homed or rehabiltated.

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) is a non-profit, non-government organization setup in 1991 Miss Crystal Rogers, a British woman who wrapped up a life in England to start a first-ever shelter in the region that would take in suffering animals and provide a safe space for healing and happiness.

Thanks to animal lovers, donors, supporters and well-wishers, CUPA has grown from a bedroom in a Crystal’s house to a network of 6 centres across the vast city of Bangalore. Each of our facilities addresses a critical aspect of animal welfare – Animal Birth Control, Trauma & Rescue, Adoption & Foster, Geriatric Care, Large Animal Rehabilitation, a fully-equipped Pet Care Clinic and further activities such as pet cruelty inspections, advocacy for animal rights, awareness sessions with schools, colleges and corporations and so on.

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